Careers in flowers and foliage

Where could a career in the Australian flower
and foliage industry take you?

Welcome to your new career!

Flowers – everyone loves them. They are an essential part of our environment, adding bursts of colour to the world around us. We rely on a beautiful bunch of flowers to express our emotions, send a message of thanks, or make our homes brighter. Few products in our lives can communicate so much and offer so much beauty, while also bringing us back to a fundamental appreciation of nature.

There are many career opportunities associated with the Australian cut flower and foliage industry, which involves a number of connected components, from growing the plants all the way through to selling the final products to the customer. In this industry, you can choose from a diverse range of working environments, from the farm to the laboratory, classroom or retail business, and become a part of a professional chain that is committed to the delivery of quality floral products.