Benefits of working in the flower and foliage industry.

Why work in flowers?

The Australian cut flower and foliage industry is an important part of the economy and has the potential to grow even further. It values professionalism and encourages passionate, qualified new entrants and offers a wide range of fulfilling and challenging careers. As we move towards a future of better environmental stewardship as a nation, the flower industry is also becoming increasingly conscious of the value of researching and using ‘green’ methods to grow and supply its products. Anyone embarking on a new career in flowers can enjoy being a part of producing something beautiful in a sustainable way that protects the earth’s resources.

There are many potential benefits, challenges and sources of enjoyment to be gained from working in the Australian cut flower industry. Given the diverse nature of the industry, there are far too many examples and possibilities to list all of them here. However, the following is a glimpse of some of the reasons why you should consider a career in flowers.

Working within the production sector can offer:

• The freedom of working outdoors.

• An environment working with plants and nature.

• The challenge of learning about many types of plants, what they need and how they grow.

• The challenge of solving problems and enhancing the health of plants.

• The enjoyment of working with many different people from a variety of professional areas.

• The opportunity to work with machinery and equipment.

• The opportunity to work in an environmentally conscious and sustainable farming sector.

• The opportunity to grow and distribute products that have proven benefits to human health and that improve the quality of our lifestyles.

• The potential to gain employment due to a possible skills shortage for horticultural jobs in Australia.

Working within the wholesale or retail sector can offer:

• The opportunity to interact with many people from diverse backgrounds and from opposite ends of the flower supply chain.

• The challenge of learning about the postharvest needs of cut flowers and foliage and how to maintain the quality of the products.

• The opportunity to work with flowers and to use creativity and flair in preparing and designing beautiful arrangements.

• The potential to own your own florist business or another related business.

• The privilege of helping people at special times of their lives by bringing them the natural beauty, style and comfort of flowers.

Working within the industry development area can offer:

• The challenge of working with all supply chain sectors to identify and solve industry problems.

• The opportunity to develop creative marketing programs and other tools to help the industry grow and flourish.

• The opportunity for networking, information sharing, professional communication and national or international travel.

• The chance to educate the next generation of growers or florists.

• The opportunity to conduct research in a leading and interesting field.

Careers in flowers and foliage