Meet a grower.

Nick Blyth—Blyth Bros

I work in a family flower growing business, along with my parents John and Robin and my brothers Peter and David. We grow daffodils and jonquils, which are both bulb flower crops that belong to the botanical genus known as Narcissus.

We grow all of our crops out in the open field. In November to December we harvest the bulbs. From January to February we mechanically clean, grade and count the bulbs. From March to April is bulb planting, and May to October is flower time, involving working in the packing shed, preparing and managing a stand at the Melbourne Wholesale Market, and dealing with wholesale customers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Most times of the year there are crop maintenance and workshop duties. My particular duties on the farm are to manage the forklift driving and bulb deliveries, although we all work as a team and this involves many coordinated activities to ensure a smooth production process.

I am a third-generation flower grower. I am very happy in my career as my job provides me with great variety, the opportunity to work outdoors and to do many of the things I love to do. My career began with an apprenticeship in floriculture, and while this training provided me with an important grounding for my understanding of the processes of flower growing, I find that I am still learning on the job every day, as this job gives me an ongoing sense of growth and development.

My day-to-day duties can include marketing, customer relations, sales planning, staff supervising, emergency equipment repair, equipment manufacture, forklift driving, truck driving and tractor driving. As you can see, my job is always changing and never boring! Although there are many challenges and hardships in farming, working hard and persevering is the key. A career in flower production gives you a great variety of daily tasks in a largely outdoor environment and allows you to pursue any number of a large range of specialist skills.

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