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Resources and further reading

The following list of resources is a starting point to finding the information you need to explore your new career in the flower industry. You should also check any further links that each of these resources may provide. By investigating the mostly national resources that are listed here, you may also be able to find more local or state-based services and information sources to help you build a tailored career pathway.

Flower Association of Queensland Inc. (FAQI)

FAQI is a non-profit organisation that aims to further the development of the commercial cut flower and foliage industry, together with the many allied businesses associated with the industry.

This is the official national register of information on training packages, qualifications, courses, units of competency and registered training organisations (RTOs), and the approved scope of each RTO to deliver nationally recognised training.


myfuture is a career information service with tools to build a personalised career plan. It is a joint initiative of Australian, state and territory governments.


AgForce offers access to a range of courses, workshops and training programs on chemical accreditation, safety, computer and business skills, and other services for Queensland’s rural producers.

Australian Apprenticeships

This site provides a range of information on national apprenticeship news and programs, and also provides many useful links to further resources. The site includes a search option to enable you to locate an Australian Apprenticeships Centre, which is an organisation contracted by the Australian Government to provide support services to employers and apprentices.

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways 
This site provides access to apprenticeship and traineeship information and resources, including flowcharts and user guides to show the steps involved to become an apprentice.

My Skills 

My Skills is a searchable website from the Australian Government to locate information on training organisations and qualifications.

Service Skills Australia

Service Skills Australia represents industries to support skills development and provides information on the components of the Floristry Training Package on their website.

Queensland Government business and industry portal

This website allows you to search for information on the requirements and processes for setting up and running a florist business, as well as general business information and guidelines. This is useful research if owning your own business is one of the goals on your career pathway. 

Australian Qualifications Framework 

The AQF provides the standards for Australian qualifications and their website includes information for students on the benefits of the AQF, education institutions and learning pathways.


This site provides students with information about Australian universities and other higher education providers.

Job Outlook 

The Job Outlook website is an Australian Government initiative that allows you to search on different occupations and provides information and statistics in relation to job prospects, weekly earnings, employment levels, growth and more.

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